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In this tutorial, you will practice searching Kids InfoBits database which is specifically designed for elementary school students. You’ll experience search scenarios that highlight the content and search features of Kids InfoBits.

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Scenario 1

An elementary student is looking for pictures of great white sharks. Can you help?

There are three different ways to search in Kids InfoBits:

  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Browse

Scan the homepage to review these search options.

Let's start with a Basic Search.

1) Type into the basic search box, great white shark and click the arrow icon which is the search button.

What do you see in your list of results?


Click on the Kids InfoBits logo located in the upper left corner of the screen, and let's try another search scenario.


Scenario 2

An elementary student is assigned to learn about one of our early American leaders that made significant contributions. She chose to find information about Thomas Jefferson. Can you assist her?

This time, let's try Browsing.

1) Be sure you are starting from the Home page.  Then, click on the box labeled People

2) Then, click on U.S. Presidents.

3) From the subsequent list, click on Jefferson, Thomas.

You should see a variety of content in your list of results.

1) Click on Magazines to view all articles in that section.

You can determine the level of the articles with the Content Levels Key.


2) Choose one of the articles by clicking on it.


What Tools do you have available to you at the article level?


Let's try one more search scenario.

Scenario 3

For a group project, an upper elementary student is researching the poaching of elephants for their tusks.  Can you help her find intermediate level articles?

Let's try this in the Advanced Search.

1) Click on the Advanced Search link at the top of your screen next to the basic search box.

2) Type into the first Advanced Search box elephant and in the second box type poaching (be sure to select keyword in the pop down menu next to the second search box).

3) Under More Options next to the by content level, select Intermediate.  Then, click the Search button.

How many results do you see?


You have completed this tutorial and gained a practical understanding of Kids InfoBits database which is specifically designed for elementary school students.

We encourage you to spend more time exploring Kids InfoBits database with topics that interest you.

If you have questions about this tutorial or any one of the ELM databases, please contact us.

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